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Rekindle Your Love for River Cruising.

Of all the affairs to remember, our romance with travel often leaves the most lasting impression. While cruising the world’s romantic rivers, we’ve invited you to sail through storybook settings; wander the cobblestones of culture-rich villages; stroll over centuries-old bridges and walk in the footsteps of legends, enjoying the scintillating stories of history along the way. So, it’s understandable that this recent detour – spending time away from the world we love – has been difficult.

Well the moment has finally come to stop replaying special memories and start planning a reunion! To leave normal behind and get back to amazing! And lucky for you, no one offers you more views, more choices or more AWE-some than Avalon Waterways.

It’s comeback time – ours, yours and the world’s. Come back to travel and the river cruise vacations that take you there. The world hasn’t been the same without you.

Plan your comeback to River Cruising today.

    Saône River Cruises

    The Saône River-its name derived from the Gallic river goddess, Souconna-flows from northeastern France to join the Rhône River in Lyon. The Saône passes through the picturesque wine-making landscapes of Burgundy and Beaujolais.

    Seine River Cruises

    The Seine rises just northwest of Dijon and flows in northwesterly through Paris before emptying into the English Channel at Le Havre. It's one of Europe's great historic rivers and since the early Middle Ages has been considered the river of Paris.

    Why Cruise the Seine River?

    Special Interest Cruises

    Avalon puts the “you” in “unique” with special interest themed river cruises that are suited to your passions and pursuits. Appreciate a fine wine or hearty ale? Do you love gardens and nature? Our WWII or Habsburg & Royalty cruises provide the epic page-turner you’ve been looking for!

    Active & Discovery Cruises

    Everyone travels to see new things, but many travel to do new things as well. Avalon offers activities for travellers with varying interests and for all energy and fitness levels. From action-packed experiences and interactive discoveries, to traditional sightseeing, you can tailor a vacation to suit your interests and pace.

    The Mekong River

    From its source high up in the Tibetan Plateau the powerful Mekong River courses for over 3,000 miles through China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam, providing a lifeline for millions of people. By the end of your journey along the Mekong you will have a better understanding of life along the river. Cruises on the Mekong run through Cambodia and Vietnam.

    Why Cruise the Mekong River?

    The Ganges River

    Along the Ganges, you’ll meet saree weavers, goldsmiths, and pottery makers. Explore the fascinating Hare Krishna headquarters in Mayapur, and visit Saint Mother Teresa’s former home. On land, discover the capital city of Delhi, and tour the massive Amber Fort towering over Jaipur. Visit India’s most iconic site, the Taj Mahal, for stunning views at sunrise and sunset. All of this and more await you on this gripping voyage through the heart of India.

    The Galápagos Islands

    Consisting of 13 large and hundreds of small islands in the Pacific Ocean off the western coast of South America, the Galápagos Islands, a region of Ecuador, are home to some of the world's most fascinating animal life. From Quito, Ecuador, fly to Baltra Island, then board your luxury yacht and cruise from island to island, encountering species found nowhere else in the world like giant tortoises, penguins, sea lions, iguanas, and a whole host of diverse bird species. As you explore these remarkable volcanic isles firsthand, you'll discover the wildlife that inspired Charles Darwin.

    Why Cruise the Galápagos Islands?

    The Mighty Amazon River

    Embark on a journey to one of the world's vastly unexplored regions, the mighty Amazon. Experience the Amazon wilderness where it originates in Peru. The Amazon Basin covers an area larger than Western Europe, but it's in Peru's Amazon where biodiversity is at its greatest and the rainforest is untamed. Imagine venturing deep into the Amazon jungle in search of elusive wildlife, taking a swim with pink dolphins, and visiting native communities, all while returning to an air-conditioned suite, hot shower, and an over-sized plush bed. Cruises on the Amazon River run through Peru.

    Why Cruise the Amazon River?

    The Nile River

    Journey along the lifeline of Egyptian civilization, experiencing incredible sights that include ancient temples, tombs, and local villages. Measuring 4,160 miles, the Nile is the longest river in the world, flowing north from Lake Victoria through Uganda, Sudan, and Egypt. Passing rainforests, mountains, savannas, swamps, and desert landscapes, it culminates in the fertile Nile Delta and drains into the Mediterranean Sea.

Special Interest River Cruises

Pack your Passion

When packing your polos and pashminas, there’s no reason to leave your passions or pursuits behind. Whether you’re an accomplished or aspiring photographer, a green thumb who dreams of the largest gardens in Europe, a wine or beer lover, a history buff, foodie, or chef, we’ve got the perfect cruise for you.

  • Active & Discovery
  • Wine Appreciation
  • Beer Enthusiasts
  • Oberammergau Cruises - Limited Staterooms Available
  • Culinary Experience
  • Christmas & Festive Season
  • WWI, WWII History & Habsburg Royalty
  • Garden & Nature Lovers
  • International Horticultural Exhibition Floriade Expo 2022
  • Photography Enthusiasts
  • Jewish Heritage

    Combine with a Vacation Package - Cruise & Package

    Monograms is independent travel without the hassles that typically come with "ordinary" independent travel. You'll never have to worry about whether or not your hotel will have your reservation, how to get from here to there, or where to go once you get to your destination-it's the perfect addition to your Avalon river cruise vacation!

    Combine with a Globus Escorted Tour - Cruise & Tour

    Globus creates vacations with just the right balance of included features and free time, place you in great hotels, and tell the stories within every journey that bring your destination to life. Simply put, Globus is passionate in our belief that there's no better way to travel. So find your dream vacation and come along with us...your story awaits.