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A Rhine Romance

Cruising along the timeless rivers of the world has understandably become one of the most desirable ways to travel today. Yet with so many alluring waterways, it can be difficult to choose where to make your splash. Do you choose by country? By sights? By unique experiences? When you choose the romantic Rhine River – with its 800 miles of winding whimsical wonder – you choose all of the above.

Meandering through storied scenery including hillside castles, craggy cliffs, terraced vineyards and the medieval towns of five countries, the Rhine River weaves together a tapestry of history and culture (not to mention countless UNESCO World Heritage Sites), making it the perfect cure for cabin fever and feast for travel cravings.

Gifting you a sail through time and tales, this fabled waterway is as fitting for first-time river cruisers as it is for seasoned, off-the-beaten-path travellers. With one-of-a-kind sightseeing and second-to-none panoramic views, Avalon offers a Rhine River cruise you can bank on.

    High Five

    Cruising down the multinational waterway of the Rhine with Avalon, you can traverse five countries– Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, France and Austria – exploring picture-perfect towns of bucket-list destinations like Basel, Strasbourg, Cologne, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Amsterdam and Rotterdam along the way.

    Connect Four

    The Rhine River is a ribbon that ties together fascinating countries, cultures and history. It also flows into other legendary waterways, presenting the opportunity to combine a Rhine itinerary with three other renowned rivers – the Moselle, the Main and the Danube – for a more robust river cruise.

    Castles in the Air

    Between Rudesheim and Koblenz, more castles take centre stage than anywhere else on the planet. This fairytale fantasy known as the Upper Middle Rhine or Rhine Gorge has earned UNESCO World Heritage Site status and the well-earned moniker, “The Romantic Rhine.”

    A Pop of Color

    Surrounded by brilliant-colored tulips, the waterways of the Netherlands feed into the Rhine River, presenting unrivaled springtime scenery including the beginning, middle and end of the rainbow.

    More to Pour Over

    While many people think of Germany for its "brewtiful" beer scene, the vineyard-lined Rhine River Valley paints a sweeter story with "grape" days that invite you to sniff, swirl and sip your way through everything from Rieslings and delicate Silvaners to full-bodied Spätburgunders.

    Unique UNESCO

    A delightfully dizzying number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites can be found along the Rhine River Valley, including the Rhine Gorge, the Cologne Cathedral, the Speyer Cathedral and the Town of Bamberg.

    Merry Memories

    There’s no better way to unwrap the magic of the Old World than with a journey through the tradition-rich, German Christmas markets with their mulled wines, handmade sweets and hardy holiday décor on a festive wintry river cruise.

Lose Yourself in the Legend of

The Rhine


Whether it’s your first-time river cruising or even your first time abroad, the Rhine is one of our favorite river experiences. It not only winds, bends and meanders through several, must-see countries, it takes travelers to the storybook settings of fabled, fairytale lands – often on week-long or even shorter itineraries.


What could be a better introduction to river cruising than discovering the sights, bites, and delights of four fantastic countries along the Rhine River? The colorful canals of Amsterdam, cherry cake and cuckoo clocks in the Black Forest, and castles towering above the spectacular Rhine Gorge are just a few reasons!

Seasoned Sightseers

One river. Five countries. The Rhine River not only weaves together diverse countries, cultures and cuisines, it also connects to other legendary waterways to create an in-depth, well-rounded river cruise vacation.


Combining the romance and Rieslings of the Rhine with the untouched, storybook settings of the Moselle, this cruise drifts through time, traditions and three fabulous countries.


Anchored in picturesque ports, Avalon takes travelers off-the-beaten path to discover – and re-discover – the Old World in new ways. Returning visitors to the Rhine will never repeat the same vacation with Avalon.


Explore the Rhine River your way with a varied selection of classic, active and discovery excursions. From history to food and nature to art, our breadth of excursions includes everything from a regional wine-tasting in Eltville and hike up to Ehrenbreitstein Fortress to a Düsseldorf biking tour and Dutch painting class.

For an in-depth adventure, consider the 16-day Magnificent Rivers of Europe or Enchanted Europe itineraries.

    Heidelberg Castle

    It’s easy to raise a glass to Heidelberg Castle, considered the most important Renaissance structure north of the Alps. In addition to its fascinating ruins and reconstructed facades, its Barrel Building houses the world-famous Great Barrel – installed in 1591 – which holds 130,000 glorious liters of wine.

    Muiderslot Castle

    Don't let the baroque palaces and Renaissance remembrances of this ancient city fool you. The capital of Slovakia's pedestrian-only old town has one of Europe's most youthful vibes.

    Rhienstein Castle

    The rewards for hiking up to this 13th-century castle nearly 300 feet above the Rhine include sweeping views from its soaring turret, a self-guided tour of its chapel and royal crypt and a sip of sparkling wine with fellow Avalon travelers in the castle’s vine-clad courtyard.

    The Alluring Lorelei

    The iconic Lorelei rock formation is shrouded in mystery and the myth of a maiden who sat atop the cliff and serenaded sailors through the centuries.

    Sweet Cologne

    Built from 1248 to the 1880s, the magnificence of the Cologne Cathedral makes one feel incredibly small. And it should. Its two towers were once the tallest structures on Earth.

    Romantic Rudesheim

    Made popular by the Romantics in the early 19th century, Rudesheim delights with its terraced vineyards, medieval alleyways and quirky, mechanical music museum.

    Gorge-ous Castles

    Experience whiplash in the best way as you sail through the Rhine Gorge and the 40 castles rising high above medieval villages and vineyard-clad hillsides.

    Storybook Strasbourg

    From its twisting, old town alleyways and crooked, half-timbered homes to its cozy winstubs, or Alsatian taverns, Strasbourg offers a walk through the pages of a Grimm fairytale.

    Brewtiful Bamberg

    Dubbed the “Rome of Germany,” the cobblestoned town of Bamberg is not only a beautiful, UNESCO World Heritage site, it’s also known for its signature, smoked beer.

    Kinetic Kinderdijk

    See the UNESCO World Heritage site near Kinderdijk which features 19 windmills, kept in working order, thanks to the keepers who live and work there.

    Show Your True Colors

    Prepare your palette, color your own canvas and discover your inner Van Gogh in a painting class in Amsterdam.

    Swirl, Sip And Swoon

    Travel along the famed Alsace Wine Route on an enchanting excursion into the countryside for an underground, wine cellar tasting of local wines.

    Have A Barrel Of Fun

    Join an expert guide for a tour of Düsseldorf’s world-famous Altbiers. Learn about these historic, top-fermented brews, including what gives them their dark, copper coloring and crisp, fruity taste.

    Make Your Mark

    Walk through Graffiti Street in Ghent where artists create striking spray-can art to their heart’s content. Here, you’re welcome to grab a can and make your own art in the ever-changing, anything-goes alley.

    Tiptoe Through The Tulips

    And the millions of colorful daffodils and hyacinths as you spend a day in breathtaking Keukenhof – known as the “Garden of Europe” – on a Tulip Time Cruise.

    Ride Like The Wind

    Join a biking tour through the Dutch countryside past polders, dykes, windmills and quaint, centuries-old villages.

    Say “oui!” Say “ja!”

    Discover the fusion of German and French culture through storybook Colmar – the “Little Venice” of France and capital of the Alsace Wine Region.

More Views

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